Ektitaby is an equity based crowdfunding platform for the Arab People.

In line with our mission to provide alternative means of finance for startups and SMEs in MENA and to provide our network of investors all over the world with the opportunity to invest in high potential investments, in addition to our overall objective of improving the startup ecosystem and eradicating the barriers faced by everyday entrepreneurs and investors, we provide a very easy to use, intuitive platform that has been custom built for MENA ground up.

Ektitaby is an online platform that provides startups and SMEs with all the means necessary to represent themselves in the best light possible to what is perhaps the largest pool of potential investors in the region.

The crowdfunding structure we adopt has been dubbed the gold standard of crowdfunding by the FCA and remains available to stakeholders throughout the duration of their investment to connect for the benefit of the business. It is only 1 of two such platforms worldwide.

The platform also provides startups and SMEs FREE dedicated sections to post job openings where likeminded individuals can apply. Moreover, we also provide a purpose built page to enable entrepreneurs to find their ideal co-founders, in addition to discussing everything startup, SME & entrepreneurship.

Anyone can use Ektitaby to post jobs, launch a crowdfunding campaign, invest and much more FREE of charge!

This truly is ground-breaking and is improving the ecosystem and creating a sense of community never before witnessed in the region. What we really do is democratize wealth.

Ektitaby launched during October 2015 and in just under 2 months already has hundreds of registered investors and has funded 50% of its first campaign.

Startups and SMEs in MENA suffer one of the lowest rates of financing in the world despite being the engines of any economy. Here at Ektitaby we are working towards eliminating this problem to truly add value to the Arab Economy