liwwa, Inc. is a financial services company whose mission is to facilitate access to capital for small businesses. As a peer-to-peer lender, liwwa is cultivating a two-sided network of lenders and borrowers across the MENA region (accessible at To that end we are developing scalable credit assessment processes, payment tools, and a user-friendly online presence. Research and continuous learning are at the heart of the company and culture, something that’s reflected in all aspects of the business.
Until November 2015, we’ve funded more than $700,000 in loans to more than 50 small and medium-sized companies through the investments of peer-to-peer lenders. Who could be individuals or institutions that would like to invest in fixed income assets. We’ve funded companies ranging from photography studios, accounting shops, yogurt factories, and retail traders. The Arab World suffers from one of the lowest rates of SME financing in the world (second after Sub-Saharan Africa) and our goal is to help close that gap and accelerate economic development in our countries.